Privacy & Security

How much of my personal information will you the advisor have access to?

I can see and manage all the investments you entrust to me. I cannot see investments that you hold at other institutions or your bank account.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes.  Your personal information is stored securely on Sterling’s platform which uses 2 Factor Authentication to ensure the data is safe.  Privacy and security are very important to Sterling. We take this very seriously.

Keeping in Contact

How often should we meet?

For most investors, an Annual Review in January & February is recommended.  Generally, 2 to 4 phone calls spread throughout the rest of the year is effective.  We can discuss your specific situation so that you feel as though you are being adequately looked after.

How do I arrange a meeting or phone call with you?

You can book a time via the ‘Book a Meeting’ button, or alternatively, you can email myself or my assistant: 

Adam aaleshka@sterlingmutuals.com 

Esther esther.schultz@sterlingmutuals.com


Do my investments have costs? How does that work?

Yes. our investments have costs associated with them. Costs can differ based on several factors. My promise to my investors is to have transparent cost conversations with them up front and throughout our partnership.

Am I ever locked into any of the investment recommendations that you may give to me?

No. With me, you will always have access to your funds without incurring any early withdrawal penalties.

How do I withdraw or deposit funds to my investment account?

It starts with a phone call. Please call me so that I can prepare the necessary paperwork & obtain your verbal authorization for the transaction.  

Withdrawal requests are deposited directly to your bank account within a couple of business days. 

Deposit investment contributions can be made through online banking bill payment for most clients. The only bank account that does not currently allow for online bill payment (electronic deposits) is Scotiabank affiliated bank accounts. All other banks allow for electronic investment contributions.

About your Advisor – Adam

What would you consider to be your biggest strengths as an advisor?

My dedication to my clients, I care deeply about my clients and their families. In terms of my day-to-day strengths, I am very consistent & organized with my work. I can clearly explain how complicated financial strategies work so that all my investors understand their investment plans.

What areas do you feel like you need to work on as an advisor?

I can do a better job at structuring my days so that my availability is more consistent. At the end of the day, I will always reply to my investors’ emails and phone calls. I think that I could serve my clients more effectively by standardizing my days and availability a bit more. I am working at this!

Do you have a minimum amount of money that you require an investor to have to work with them?

I do not hire new investors based on financial minimums. Instead, I hire new investors based on fit. One of the things I look out for in new investors is their commitment to doing their part. If a new investor is willing to book meetings with me and provide me with information when I need it (to help them) then I will more than likely work with that investor. I am simply looking for a like-minded person who’s willing to help me, help them. That is my “requirement” to bring on a new investor.

If we worked together, what would be your area of expertise? Can you help me in areas that you are not necessarily licensed in?

I am a licensed investment advisor and life insurance planner. Those are my 2 areas of expertise. I have a network of professionals including very capable lawyers and accountants who I work with. Where the need exists, we function very well as an all-encompassing financial team.

Do you accept referrals?

Yes. I never turn down the opportunity to speak with a potential new investor. I can’t promise that we’ll work together but I can assure you that I will contact that referral and have a conversation to see if there is a good fit. If we get along then I will be more than happy to bring them on board. My priority is getting the right fit, not the amount of money a potential investor has.